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Trine Kjølbæk

Cand.ling.merc. in English and MA in International Business Communication.

7 years’ experience in the business.

Trine is our keen-witted project manager, who keeps tabs on translators and clients alike with a smile.

The job of project manager involves juggling lots of balls at the same time. And you can rest assured that Trine will keep a cool head and find the best solution when you come up with a rush job.

Trine was educated as an MA in International Business Communication at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), graduating in 2012, and has since worked on all aspects of language, communication and customer service. Among other things, she has brought her skill-sets to bear as both a freelance translator and a project manager in other organizations. That means she is familiar with all aspects of the process: the interaction between client and agency on the one hand, and the agency’s external and in-house translators on the other.



Trine’s responsibilities include dealing with clients and clarifying their needs, providing quotes, and agreeing deadlines and mode of delivery. A large proportion of her work is spent delving into the detailed needs of the client and advising them on possible solutions.

If you would like a fast and favourable offer, we recommend that you take a look at our checklist. It includes a number of the questions and answers typically raised during the initial conversation about a job.

Translation is invariably rather urgent. Maybe the focus was on writing the copy, and now it just has to be translated, working to a deadline. Or perhaps you have come up against some sort of mandatory requirement you simply had not foreseen, so now that divorce decree or examination certificate has to be translated, and speed is of the essence!

This is where Trine’s sense of overview comes in. More often than not, even during the phone call or in her first e-mail she can tell you how quickly we can deliver a translation, and whether or not it has to be certified and legalized.

Read more about certified and legalized translation here.



Unless otherwise agreed, all translations are proof-read twice, with both the translator him/herself and a reviser reviewing the text prior to delivery. Finally, the translation is checked over one last time before delivery, under Trine’s watchful eye.



Did you know that…

as certified translators, we are bound to observe secrecy?

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